Give Voice to the Burden of Your Calling

 Honor times when you need to shine
Headlight into streets of darkness,
Shake whatever tree of knowledge and wisdom
Grows within your inner garden,
Let its red fruit swirl within your conscious hand.
Speak out and shout to the complacent,
Share the radical realization
Rumbling through your bloody veins….
Obey the deepest calling
Rattling within the core of porous bones,
Allow light of fierce fire to burn
Into smoldering wisdom, unshakable,
Rooted in the deepest soil,
Reaching down to wrap around stone.
Consider no alarm as you carry burden,
Though others may turn away.
They have no obligation to speak
Your authentic, sacred truth.
This is yours alone to voice.
Speak with compassion, not judgment—
But speak you must.
Never turn away from such terrible calling.
Inevitable crossroads belong and come to each and all.
You may not be assured if you
Are right or wrong, yet still the vision comes.
Cast aside whatever hesitation or reluctance
To own the duty that comes your way.
Discover as you speak a passion
Not to be denied.  Find courage in your heart.
Shout in whatever way you must.
If missed, the choice may never come again.


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