Full Moon Seems Hidden

There are those times
When even Full Moon is hidden,
Behind clouds of approaching storms
Or Earth is turning such a way
Full Moon appears to set
Under horizon of the hills.
Clear mind is like the Full Moon in sky,
Sometimes covered by clouds,
At other times hidden by horizon.
The illusion is that Moon has gone away.
When wind blows, clear Moon shines again.
Be patient, as Earth turns, the Moon comes.
When peaceful thinking appears,
Clear mind is always there, behind,
To the side and shining in the dark.
Reflected light of Moon is always present
As is the Source of Light within the Sun.
Whether you see the Light depends…
Are you coming or going?
Are you running away or walking toward?
Are you in midst of storm or calm?
Are you eclipsed by worries or in centered prayer?
Full Moon and clear mind are always there.


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