Now the River Freely Flows

 Still there are old memories,
Now long past of when my
Tears had dried in time of childhood drought,
Had no easy conscious access
To the suffering teeming
Deep within dark spaciousness of soul.
I carried denial’s heavy weight as some
Tainted cloudy weather,
Shrouded vision blocked by
Smog and veil of my own creation…
Sheltered under illusion
All was well, lived with secret fear of
Hollow space behind the waterfall…
Could not reach the deeper Source.
Now the river freely flows,
Pathway to the darker silent caves
Cleared of brush and death
Holds little fear and fear
Holds little control.
I rejoice I can give vent to my suffering,
Dance with greater joy the dance
Each day brings along with dawn,
Know the air is cheap, the body priceless….
Nothing is certain except
Certainty that peace will reign.
Even in times when riding wildest storms,
I am never alone, even though the void of
Oblivion may loom large, I fear not.
I laugh and sing when walking
Through valley of shadow lands….
Bless my heart that it is strong.
Though body weakens,
Spirit grows all along.
All is well, and all is blessed by God.


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