Resurrection Always Arrives Unexpected

There are those who say that as you age,
As sight grows dim and loss of dreams
Accumulate as stones within the heart,
Then childish formulations drop away,
Cynicism grows inside the mind.
I hope you don’t mind if I feel comfortable,
Open vulnerable heart as though
You were in the room, envision you
Hearing who I am and what I have to say.
My words today seem another form of touch,
Though they reach more deeply into me.
I wish I could hear your voice
Responding in wordless, corresponding trust.
Today, something reached beyond
All questions of God,
Something hard to put in words…  
I cannot yield to limits of words,
Though words are close.
The philosopher in me knows
Words have not the life
Of a single blade of grass.
Today, it was as though a stone was rolled away,
Light emerging from the Heart
In unanticipated ways.
Resurrection from darkness
Always arrives unexpected.
I am not always at ease with joy,
Yet intensity of Joy came unbidden,
Arrived, inspired, enthused,
Brought tears running down my cheeks.
I heard music in my ears,
Trumpets and timpani,
Wine and song—
Everything belonged.
After living in three days of darkness,
I was thirsty.
And I drank until my heart’s content
Was brimming, overflowing,
Touched with Risen Peace.
A new space opened,
Valley filled with joyful light.
Yes, there is more to say,
But I will leave that for another day.
Tonight, I wait upon deep dreams,
Wonder after all the sorrow and the joy
Where do I go from here? 

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