God’s Light Enters the World Discretely

God enters the world discretely,
Yet every space is filled with grace.
All time is bound together,
Scattering of light reflects God’s presence.
Whose Soul is not centered
In fullness of God’s own?
When God speaks, there is
Voice that permeates the void,
Fills every corner of abyss,
Newly creates an instant Whole.
God rests in center of my present thoughts,
Joins me in communion with your own.
Every echo penetrates
To farthest reaches of the Cosmos.
You can hear it clearly in the silence of the heart.
One single drop from the Source,
Enough to refresh every brook and river,
Flows and fills great oceans,
Waves rising in recognition with each roar.
In the garden of your heart
You will find flowers of tranquility,
Awake and see the beauty that surrounds you….
Breath dissolving into mindful peace.
There is no need for urgency.
All is well.  All is well.


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