Would It Bother You If We Hold Hands?

Bring your cane and walk with me,
Down to the lake just before sunset.
Let’s gaze out into green mysterious mist,
Speak about what we sense,
Not just with ears and eyes.
We’ll stand for a time in silence,
Then close our eyes,
Deepen our intuitive sixth sense.
What’s there beneath the view?
What lurks under the water?
Cast yourself out and stand on the island,
Then look back upon the two of us.
What do you see of yourself
When you don’t use a mirror?
I’m sorry.  Standing here I’ve lost all sense of time.
How long have we been standing here, the two of us alone?
For the first time in days, I have no desire to move.
I could stand here through the night,
Watch until the sun begins to rise.
Would it bother you if we hold hands?
Suddenly I feel so very close.
It’s better than feeling all alone.


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