Wind Will Have Its Way

 Mystery and wonder fill the universe.
I felt it as a child, and even now it overwhelms.
Today, the wind is having its way—
Invisible it moves across the trees,
Exquisite the bluster sound….
This is no tender kiss of gentle breeze,
Yet not a howling wind of warning.
I savor every moving minute.
What is it telling, this wind breath
Propelling, never in straight line?
It permeates the mind while
Above it all, eye of Venus shines,
First time in four score years
Her naked glory is shown carelessly in day.
How could the ground beneath
Not praise sweet smell that blows
With breath cast from Sun’s burning throne?
Brilliant sunshine astonishes and wakens,
Light more constant than the wind,
Communicates without words
Some meaning only heard within.
Great mad roar comes and goes.
Whatever old is swept away today
By what is beautiful and amorous and young.
Beware.  Spring is here.
Nature’s love now bellows loud.
Are you light enough to be blown away?
Can you open ears and eyes as
Lover sees upon first sight new love?
May your heart blow open with new ardor,
Aspiring toward surprise, emerging green
That heals the harshest winter injury.


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