Vision of Angels

  I saw a vision of angles
Winging their way with every delicate breath
Enthused, impressed
Upon the open heart and mind,
Such spinal mystery tinged with tingling flashing lights
Bolting boundless through the heady froth of empty night.
Suddenly out of delirious darkness
Emerged a clarity I could not miss,
Incarnating spirit blessing as though blossoming mist
Surrounding body, breathed into the lungs,
A genesis persisting beyond the pale of morning,
As though an everlasting necessity had walked into my
Consciousness, opening every question, every doubt,
Drawing back the veil beyond the world,
Burning answer held within my heart.
I answered “yes”, as though part of me
Watched receptively, as I was filled with blessing,
Blindness of my vision lifting,
Water pouring from some ancient source
Heretofore unknown, now present all around.
Such power was so profound
My eyes were moist, my mouth was dry
As though I crawled upon my knees
To close the distance that had always kept apart,
Decades of thirst finally quenched,
My pink soul liquefied in white,
Fainting, falling condensed within itself,
Feathers all around, billowing inward sighs,
Unpredictable and fleeting as glory released
Awakened every space within my body.
Such wild truth exceeds my words,
Ringing and singing sounds of praise,
Silent space of holiness…
Higher and higher these angels opened realms
Electric, universal, shimmering sparks,
Carried upward upon the wind,
Holding, absorbing, awakening consciousness.
Held so tenderly by the smiling, wistful eyes of angels…
Finally welcomed home, every passion attuned,
One with the primordial world…
In everlasting peace.


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