Away from the Madding Crowd

 That’s where I’ve built my house….up there,
Away from the madding crowd,
Where I don’t have to worry Jehovah Witnesses
Will knock on the door and bother me.

The view from the porch is fine,
As long as I don’t sleepwalk at night.
When the winds blow and the sun shines,
I’m almost in heaven, high on my tower of stone.
I am self-reliant.  I can go it alone.

True, I’ll have to tip more when groceries are delivered.
I’ll have a cistern for water and just flush the sewage
Way, way, way down below.
If you’re down there walking… walk slow.
My dish for TV will be unobstructed,
Except for the one tree.

Call first if you wish to visit.
I’ll lower the sling.
You can pull yourself up.
Please bring along a few books I can read
And a bottle or two of wine would be nice.
Hopefully, our visit together will reach new heights.
The way back down will seem easier…
Unless there’s a storm.

In case of an earthquake—
Well, let’s not worry about that.
This house has stood for a long time.
God willing, it will be here tomorrow.


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