Warm as Nature’s Heart

 Sit and listen to the whisper of  cool morning breeze,
Aware in wonder of its kiss upon the cheek.
Keep your running thoughts beside the path,
Presence and absence like twins upon the road,
Each within its own place, separate and yet conjoined.
Do not seek to find new words or change the traffic.
Simply watch and witness as they
Dance their barefoot dance.
Witness now your chance, not to speak….
Don’t even try to communicate your thoughts,
But be one in communion with fullness of your Mind,
Slowly dissolve the barriers that hold you back,
Contain your inner Light…
Be one with Greater Mind in peace
With that inner presence of boundless love,
Owned, embraced without a name or reason
Other than birth of liberation, the cool morning breeze
Warm as nature’s heart, empty yet alive.


3 thoughts on “Warm as Nature’s Heart

  1. This is really beautiful. Empty yet alive… presence and absence… my, what depth you have here. It made me think.

  2. There is a long jetty out into a bay near my home that I love to drive out on and spend time there. Sometimes I am alone out there and sometimes there are people fishing or boats coming in and out of the harbor. It is a place of peace for me where I go and feel so close to God no matter the time the clock shows or season on the calender. Your poem describes how I feel out there.

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