The Starry Robe of God

Looking at night sky,
I view Venus and Jupiter close by,
Almost seem to touch,
Though they are tens of millions distant.
As for me, I am chained to Earth,
Bound to little illusory truth I see.
Show me on clear nights
Starry robe of Nameless God,
Though I may only see the hem,
Let me sense the Greater Whole.
Inspire my finite mind to
Glimpse the immensity of Infinity,
Though I may not touch or see.
Fill my teaspoon overflowing
From the solar cup of light,
Then outward yearn for hope
Beyond rim of overturned ocean-bowl
Constellated so far away
I cannot hold in swaying finite mind.
Enlarge me.  Spread the Ancient Infinite
Beyond my meager measure
That my truth may glance of Truth,
My small soul a tiny part
Held within Universal Hands.


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