This Walk Has Taken All Day Long

The fluidity of every moment is magical…
Comes and goes— washes the soul,
Leaving me at peace,
Knowing that this day will never be the same again.
I walk on the beach,
Soles of my feet cleansed by the pumice of sand….
Washed by each wave,
Like a hand extended to bless.
The walk has taken all day long,
Arriving at this time of awakening.
Only here on this beach, on this mountain summit,
From this peak moment
At the edge of the river within this valley,
Can I finally see the fertility.
Here is the threshold… Here is the gift.
Let me be still and listen to truth,
Echoes as often as breakers wash on the shore,
Ebb and flow, retreat and go, always return,
Confirming what I have learned,
Knowing nothing than this peace,
This moment of movement, intensely aware
I cannot bless the world without blessing myself.

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