Full Moon Weeps in Horror of the Truth

Tonight, the full moon is not smiling.
He weeps, for the moon has nowhere to hide,
Sees what happens down below on Earth,
Looks through naked willowed branches,
Bright light exposing,
Eyes open to the horror of the truth….
Weeps and weeps at fields of bodies
Dying slowly from hunger or expiring fast,
Filled with showers of shrapnel.
Dying is no joke.
If there were atmosphere surrounding moon,
We’d hear him crying, surface burning
While looking at the guns, bombs, knives
Thrust deeply into human flesh.
He cannot turn away or fall asleep,
Watching beasts helplessly plod the path.
This month of March is the Worm Moon,
Last full moon of winter’s death.
Will God come alive in April?
Where will angels find a foothold,
Beating wings in prayer for peace?


One thought on “Full Moon Weeps in Horror of the Truth

  1. That’s really unsettling, but that’s good because it’s a reminder that not all of us will sleep safely in our snug beds tonight.

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