Dreams Within the Dark

 When asleep and all alone,
Surrounded by strange dreams,
Know the dark moves within the room,
Encloses my sleep in warm sheets,
Angels waiting at my side.
Dreams have no weight,
Whatever symbols they impart,
Messages as light as breath or love.
Somewhere within my head
I hear music playing,
Swimming in the mind.
Images dancing in the dark.
I’ve forgotten all the rest….
Just singing in the head,
Dancing in the dream,
All within the dark of sleep.


2 thoughts on “Dreams Within the Dark

  1. Oh, that is REALLY good. My immediate impression is that the movie just started and that’s a great compliment. It could be the beginning of something along the lines of “The Matrix” or maybe “The Cell”. It could be a happy movie, but it seems to me it your poem is more deep, dark, and brooding.

  2. Lovely Fred…Thanks for making my dreams a poem ! Do we all share the same dreams ? I wonder if there’s a telepathy there? I could swear i was in that dream too! Beautiful poetry! D.

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