Symphony of Pain

 Standing here alone,
Fixated on the lonely edge of the moon,
Mirrored icon of its cratered face,
Married to the shrieking owl
Shrinking against the dwindling stars.
Every hair on my head
Feels a lunar spell, erupting…
Empty ring upon my finger
Burning, searing, unfaithful nights—
Unending symphony of pain.
Barking dogs bear down on me.
I run my sleeve across my brow,
Magma moving underground,
Blazing touch of hand upon my lips…
Finally, I wipe away her scent of perfume
Lingering these many years,
Lofting into tearing eyes.
Before I return home alone,
I open knife and make a cut—
Split the scab that hides a deeper wound,
Tears bleeding as I rip pages from a book…
Suddenly I notice others stopping,
Looking, turning,
Running toward me fast as wind,
Destroys silence of my mind,
Going against the grain of night,
Double knot in stomach as I run screaming
Out of time… cuckold yet again.


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