Cold Wind Blows

Wind blows cold as shadow against the heart—
Rain falls slanted through grey clouds.
I gaze outside into common light,
Diffused and used and bruised
By sweeping gusts that stir across the lake,
Small whitecaps beat against thin ice,
Bluster across the yard to
Break in rage against the house.
There are potent energies
Speaking upon the wind as sight fails unclear….
Though my whole soul yearns
For passing delicate breath of truth,
It is not this that blows against dark skies,
Hides the eyes of stars in gloom.
I love weeping clouds and mists
Bringing secrets of an ancient Earth,
Spirits at work as calling words
Tremble through the world.
Too wild are these cold winds that blow,
Clear the way through hill and plain
For vast silence to endlessly reign.


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