Is There A Better Word Than Love?

There is a deep place within the heart—
Sometimes difficult to find or speak
Precisely where it is found,
Though I know it abounds…
Let me begin by saying what it is not….
It is never merely black and white, but always
Contains color found within surrounding light.
It is not found in endless halls of dreamless sleep.
Its song is not the song of lullabies.
It is not found in ferocity or in tranquility,
Though it draws at times on power of each.
It is not a place where self-centered childish games are played,
Though play holds rooms close by, as does pure joy.
Where it abides, eyes are wide open.
It is wise enough to know ambition is a private whim.
I know it has an immeasurable height,
Where vault of the world stretches unlocked, beckons,
Broadens into places beyond the thin veil
Hiding glorious light, partakes of strength and energy,
Yet breathes quietly alongside ageless beauty
When one closes eyes to sleep.
It is sometimes hard to find, and when found
Can be easily lost, if one falls in illusion of
Contented assumptions— then hope vanishes.
It is the loveliest and the best of all,
Beginning and end of every hope and dream,
Where one is deeply known and vulnerable,
An adventure where nakedness leads not just to bed,
But to passionate intensity so miraculous—
If ever once your eyes have seen it, known it….
Then you know, and if not, then what am I to say?
Should I simply call this “Love”?
Yet there is no single word that fully encompasses,
No morning sky or symphony comes near,
This fresh air, this breeze that flows across the brow,
Embodied when another comes so close to touch—-
Were I to hold my breath and not speak for days,
Still every pedal of the body’s flower,
 Venture open as a kiss, fragrance as sweet as bliss,
Circulates around the world as white clouds
Dissipate under heat of glorious Sun,
Expose a whispered beauty in your face,
Your eyes the reflected Moon… soft light,
Magical, twinkling as eternal stars
Fascinate throughout the darkest night.
Do I say too much?
I am released.  I am undone.
I am flowing water welling up from deepest stone.
I am the broken world that seeks a healing touch.
I am the nightingale that sings its will…
Wondrous dancing thoughts that leap from your eyes,
Hold your world as wishes within the caverns of my heart.
What other word comes close but “Love”?
I am left speechless, seeking….
What golden miracle within the atmosphere
Wears diadem of diamonds in the morning dew
More brilliant than do you? 
You erupt as fire from smoke, rise as blue flame;
Yet you calm discordant waves,
Breathe light into every corner of the darkest mine.
I am small yet enlarged beside you.
I am young as I spend my aging years
Within your arms, sharing secret spaces,
Spending hours in silence in your presence.
You are my kingdom, my constellation of stars,
My endless challenge whose depth I cannot plumb.
You are my wisdom, my rhythm and my rhyme.
Will you be my Valentine?


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