Late Night Kisses

We got home late last night.
Had a thrilling time
After that last glass of wine.
Why is it dark hours are sweetest?
By the time we got home,
It was very late,
I removed batteries from clock—
Wiped hours off the face
So we could sleep later in the morning
Without being alarmed.
As we prepared for bed,
Suddenly realized that underneath my clothes
I had been naked all day.
Wow.  I had to stop and think about that one.
Brought me to my knees….
And then to elbows and then my hands.
I feel like I’ve told you a dark secret…
Before I put out the light,
Tell me one of yours.
Please don’t make me ask again.
When you’ve said your guilty confession,
We’ll wrap the moon in whispers of yellow paper
So its light won’t drown us
In warm waters while we sleep.
And this is how we sleep—
Frantic, holding each other as tight
As we hold each hour of night,
Naked with no pajamas,
Possessive, a little drunk…
Fearful we may drown undressed in love.
Here, take this onion for your goodnight kiss.
Peel it and wear it like a wedding ring.
Let your tears prepare you for the grief
If I leave before the morning comes.


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