This Is All I Have To Give


For Laura and Emily

Soon, perhaps in only a few days,
I will be leaving….
Going a world away.
For now, I only want to look into your eyes,
Touch your warm skin,
Open up space where simple words of truth begin.

I know the ground is hard today.
We must dig awhile, then plant a seed,
Water it so it will take root and grow,
Wait as a tree develops straight and tall,
Fills itself with ancient light,
Bows its head before the blowing wind.

One day, when our dreams have flowered,
Long after we have become the stream,
Have joined the ground and our hearts
Drift upon clouds like songs…
Our souls will sit in shade of all that has past,
Look back to this day,
This time of truth and know
There was only one direction,
One path we walked,
One grace, one slow but living space,
One common family from which we have come,
Brother, sister, father, mother, daughter, son.
No division lasts.  We are One.

For now, what is there to speak of but forgiveness?
And the joy of being here together….
Yes, there are so many wounds that cry out,
Loudly in the silence of the night.
Yet also freedom to walk together.
Let us pass this time with one another in unfamiliar peace,
Unburden hearts of words unspoken for many years,
Pull the thorn from proud flesh,
Uproot dark things growing deep inside….
Listen in reverence as we hold this breathing space,
Alert to numinous presence of abiding love and grace.

After I am gone, walking far beyond distant hills,
Look back upon this time and hold it dear.
This is love.  This is all I have to give.
This love is my learning and my teaching—
My suffering and my being.
It may not seem like much….
It is your inheritance.  It is enough.
Take it, plant the seed, water it, watch it blossom.
This is the best of me and the best of you.

Keep it in that soft resilient place where pain begins…
Take this small breath of gratitude—
Open your heart in all directions
As you pray when your voice grows silent.
I am who I am because you are who you are.
And you are who you are because of who I am.
Our souls have always been entwined.
That is our gift to each other, our essence,
Our being, our pain, our living journey.
This is the place where hearts hurt.
This is the place where hearts heal.
This is what God has always had in mind.


5 thoughts on “This Is All I Have To Give

  1. Celeste, I am so very honored. Thank you for nominating me. I did go to the site, but was confused about what I needed to do. But I am pleased that my poetry touches you. Namaste.

  2. It is pretty simple, it’s just wrapped up in fancy (lol)
    Basically, you just thank the person who nominated you (me) and post my link beside your thanks…
    Then you tell us 7 things about yourself
    Then you choose a few bloggers to pass it on to, posting their link for others to see.
    Pin the photo of your award with the image widget onto your blog.
    Hope this helps simplify it, I wouldnt want you not to accept your award for confusion….but it’s OK if you don’t want to do all this, and I accept your thanks….what I read of your poetry was so wonderful, I just thought it deserves some recognition.
    Happy writing and looking forward to your next post 🙂
    love and light,

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