Deliver Me From the Saints

Oh, God, deliver me from the saints…
Those who are known as merely holy.
I seek a wider life of wonder,
Filled with light and dark.
Save me from believing what some may say
That might be good about myself;
Don’t let me believe my own publicity.
I have no need for the endless comment
Speaking inside my mind.

Let me stand within the wind.
Bring me into a place where
I escape my reputation, good or bad…
Have nothing to defend,
No need to promote myself.

I want a simple empty space
Where I don’t have to always know,
Where everything does not rely on being good…
Trying to obey all the written rules.
Let me just be for now.
Give me sufficient trust in grace
More secure than certainty—
Be touched and healed within
Whatever wounds are present inside me.

Let me see light within every shade of grey.
Allow me enough time to be still,
If only for an hour, a minute,
To be open to the beauty that surrounds,
Find freedom in the deepest love,
Knowing and not knowing,
Still learning and unlearning
Over every horizon of the day,
At peace inside my skin… in communion
With everything within the world.


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