The Valley of Creation’s Masterpiece

 I stand on the edge of the precipice….
Soak in the healing power
Where beauty’s face is manifest….
Gazing out to pure harmony of stone and color,
Glorious and blazing,
Sparkling blues swirling into clouds….
Filled with such subtle yet majestic curves, spinning,
Weaving, reaching far beyond my vision.

Everything I see is mere reflection
That draws me onward, deeper into
Valley of pure wilderness….
No accident, but only Nature’s delightful play at work
Upon the canvas of this quiet valley on the Earth.
If I only could compose a symphony,
For words fail to grasp
Such endless glories in this countenance of light.

At this moment of discovery, untouched by hands,
Blossoming into emerging, waiting space,
Filling the heart with indescribable grace
To witness, to be present to
Such tender power residing in uplifting Earth,
Framed by high mountains strength….
All senses kindled, called forth….
Overflowing waterfalls touched by shadows,
Radiating energy sevenfold.

This is the very Face of the Nameless God—
Voice uncaptured by any ritual of written words—
Pure beauty and mystery unrestrained.
If I could only learn to sing the bounty
Held within the ancient stone,
Worked out in a million years of love,
Birds caroling, tall forests reaching into canyon walls,
Glacial polishing raining down to
Evolving human consciousness that stands and watches….
Witness to the handiwork of God.

I weep in surrender to the awe.
Such heights and depths beyond all knowing…
Releases whatever chains of blindness,
Breaks the ground and finely grinds the stone of cruel self,
Makes humble the grandeur of human thought….

Endless time blossoms in quiet meadows….
Encloses me in restless peace extraordinary.
Out of deepest darkness pours the purest Light,
Enfolding… holding… evolving….
Flowering, flowing toward Eternity…..


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