A New Vocabulary for Light

 Staring at the mouth of Moon tonight,
I wanted to learn more about the light,
Develop wider vocabulary than
“Shining silver hanging in the night” for this
Balanced upturned saucer…
Come up with more expressive terminology,
Lexis for this waxing lunar luminosity
Holding rain until it spills into garden by the lake.

Yes, I suppose it’s adequate to say
Stars blink out in early morning,
Though to me they stutter as they sputter,
Moan as they die when they depart too early,
Make their exodus at the fading of the night
Just as dew is slowly forming in the grass.
Do you listen for the sound of light?

What grammar would you choose for the sun
As it rises over evergreens on the eastern hills….
Works its way across the meadows of the world,
Every hour a different color….
Shining shades of atmospheric blue,
Peeking through passing clouds at noon,
Bringing shadows curling around your shoulders,
Lengthening the hours toward evening glow?

Do you ever sit and watch the essence of this light,
Undress the language as it reveals itself,
Painting, piercing, promising from
Red to yellow to gold to silver to platinum?
Yet it isn’t just those colors any more
Than a lover is just a lover,
Blinding me with tears of joy or grief,
Softly blowing on my lips before essential kiss or
Sorrow that knifes right through my heart
When your unfaithful words
Lose the wedding ring I bought.

There are no words for any of this… not a single star—
Not a glass of ruby wine accompanied by Mahler’s symphony.
I give up on study of vocabulary exploding into mind.
Instead, let’s demand we read the little fires within the eyes,
Telepathy revealing hints as a shortcut without words,
Nuances and hues stretching naked,
Laying down in heat of summer breeze as we laugh,
Windows open to the blazing light,
Weightless in the searing heat.


2 thoughts on “A New Vocabulary for Light

  1. Maybe the Earth is just a rotating paperweight on God’s desk and the light is when we turn towards his lamp? Or maybe the light is God compulsively checking the marbles in his drawer with a flashlight? Or we’re in the Refrigerator Universe and someone keeps opening the door?

  2. One of your most descriptive poems…and one i especially like…I have been photographing the light as it wakes me up each morning and as it depicts the bare trees in the wood behind our house…every day it brings a lump to my throat ..the emotional reaction to an image and an idea and a thought and a feeling that about it that comes from so deep within me. Love your poem Fred.

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