Emerging into My Fourth Age

 Slowly, I sense I am emerging into my Fourth Age….
Perhaps it is my Fifth or Sixth…. Increasingly
I am less concerned with numbers.
All boundaries are porous and loosening fast.
My mind is busy with deeper things,
Seeking out new experience and nuggets in the world
I’ve never seen or sensed before—
Like angels hovering in the morning breeze or
Deeper meaning in nighttime dreams
That shimmer into consciousness on starry nights,
Move as one with breath,
Then dance away as peach wisp of cloud
As dawn of sun fills new day.

Membranes around my heart are getting thinner.
Before another speaks, I can sense their pain.
I cry more when talking with close friends.
The beauty of the world explodes into my vision
Everywhere I look— the hills across the lake,
Eyes of friends, faces of strangers on the bus,
The shadow of a hawk at noon or the snow
Falling onto the path on winter’s night….
The peach that comes with dawn on beach,
An aged, lonely tree without its leaves,
Rough sand upon bare feet….

I close my eyes and see a spot of interior blue—
A clarity that seems more true than
Science ever told within a tome of words.
I hear music whisper when I am silent…
Sense a yearning within expanding heart for greater love.

Be tender, please.  In youth, my heart was stronger.
Now it opens when I sense the promise of an honest kiss.
The world is more simple than I ever knew….
Forgive me if my mind is on such things as this.
Be gentle, my dear, if memory is fading,
For other things appear before my clouded eyes.
I focus more on hidden worlds to come….
Concealed within the clamor of the day,
But slowly they emerge when quietly I pause to pray.

Soon, I will drag the heavy skiff
Across the dunes and onto the beach,
Push it out to deeper water—
Paddle through the crashing waves,
Leave the continent behind
As I sail away from worries and cares.
If I fail to take the time to say good-bye
I hope you won’t really mind….


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