Wisdom Flies Upon the Wing

Even on most bitter winter day,
Wisdom comes…..
Flies upon the clearest air,
Not always what we seek,
Still she comes, silently into consciousness,
Sometimes a single thought alone.
Do not walk cold woods of the world half-asleep,
Though melancholy shadows bleak
And breaking forth of spring seems far away.
Each hour there is learning to be learned,
Appearing suddenly out of nowhere,
Flying into life before it quickly goes,
Gone beyond horizon as a dream
Lost at breaking of the dawn.
Did you catch its eager voice?
Were you alert to omen’s hidden meaning?
If alert, you’ll feel the moving air,
Hear alarm or piercing cry,
Sudden, large or small it comes
Then disappears as a wisp of fog….
Expanding everything you’ve ever known,
Changing how you see the world.


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