I Heard the Most Glorious Hymn

 As the sun went down over lake
I walked outside in pure heaven—
Heard the most glorious hymn….
The day that Thou gavest has ended
And the darkness soon shall come as my friend—
As gold in horizon ascends to invisible stars,
Thy praise will hallow the hours of night.
Tonight I will dream among angels,
The message unresting, unsleeping….
Through the watch Thou will be keeping
While Earth turns onward toward light.
The voice of Thy praise rooted deep in my soul,
Still water reflects the sight of Thy Word ,
Leads on to the dawn of the morning,
Sustains dream never ending,
Constant and glorious in waking and sleep.


2 thoughts on “I Heard the Most Glorious Hymn

  1. I’m usually hesitant to use the more archaic “Thee” and “Thou”, but as I wrote the poem, it just seemed to fit, and when the Muse whispers her message, one is well advised to listen and not argue….

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