Thank You, Sister Egg

This morning, breaking an egg for breakfast
I forgot to say an unbearable goodbye.
Only later, as I carried yoke into the day,
Stood at the door of my house and felt humbled,
Wanted to back out of the room…..
I wanted to live over again that moment
When I held you within my warm hand—
Your cool white shell so smooth and round,
Marrying itself to the world in perfection….
Gift of simplicity with nary a word in your heart.
And I broke into your world without giving thanks,
Rushed on my way without pause or prayer.
Now I gaze at full Moon, like a white egg in the sky,
Feel in the balm of lessening fire… a calmness descends.
Thoughts of you and the Moon come as One in my mind.
Strangely beautiful and so simple, I open my heart…..
Thank you.  Though I barely knew you.  Thank you.
(So what did you think as you read this poem?
Did it convey an embryo of deeper thought
Or did it merely crack you up?)


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