Which Of Us Is Hunter, Which Is Prey?

 We are both lions, each in our own way….
You the most obvious
With golden mane,
While I am more hidden in the grass,
Safely protected by an inch of glass.

I love the way you turn toward me,
Whirl within the void between,
Jump toward my side to feed….
I enjoy your hunger and measure
Force in weight and energy.

Last night, I felt your breath upon my neck—
Half asleep, turned within the bed
Reached out my hand to nudge,
The way clouds, for heaven’s sake, slide over
As they are carried against the upward draft,
Billowing against the beast of darker Earth,
Sending lightening flaming down to lurk,
Energized in ways we both love to watch at work….
But only from distance.  We do not trust.

So which of us is hunter and which is prey?
Whose eyes burn more with hungry lust?
Feel the breath upon the nape of neck,
Lunch or launch upon a lifetime of bones and flesh,
Paw and turn and pick the hours clean, scratch your ears,
Pull your tail, glad there is still inch of glass between.


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