I Will Light A Candle and Remember….

In memory of those killed in Tucson, Arizona
On January 8th, 2011, using the words of the survivors.
Dedicated also to the 12,000 Americans murdered
Every year with guns.
Suddenly, I heard the shots.
Things went gray.
Waves of people went to ground….
He was shooting everybody.
Death passed right over me.
I felt completely lost—
That none of this could be happening
Less than a mile from my home.
A war zone appeared before my eyes.
Even today, it haunts me still…
I wonder why I was five seconds
Into the Safeway and not there…
Standing where he was.
It makes me feel I’d better
Make a purpose out of my life.
When your world ends,
As mine did on that day
When Darwin died….
Another one has to begin.
You either sit down and do nothing—
Let people take complete care of you,
…Just age and get old and long for death.
Well, I don’t plan to do that….
I get up and make a new life.
I’m going to work for this cause
To make sure others don’t go through this.


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