Uninvited, But So Very Real

Late last night,
After walking the dog
On a cold January street,
You came uninvited into my thoughts,
Found me as did the raptured Moon,
Gaping from behind clouds,
Hiding its face….
Back home, the furnace turned on,
Curtains stirred— revealing you
Crouched within my heart,
Sprawled upon the couch,
Starring back, wordless as the music played
Loudly from another room.
I finally went to bed,
But you followed me in my head,
Dreams pursuing, pining Moon overhead
Striking the sleepy Earth.
I could not tell if it was rain
Or if was tears falling, softly….
Taste of salt upon the sheets.
Even as I woke, you lingered there
Like a spell, uninvited, but so very real.


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