Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon soon comes,
First full moon of the year,
Slowly stretches in cold white light—
Diamonds dancing on the grass of winter,
Wraps around shivering shoulders, whispers
Blessings revealed within dark of night.
Standing here through eons of silent years,
An overwhelming enigma now clear,
Alluring as a dream that never leaves,
Hangs in place of time and space,
Lingers in the heart as a distant face.
Suspended with the moon, two clocks
Strike the coming of round lonely hours.
Cold sharpens reflective thoughts,
High tide that swallows tracks of hungry wolves,
Imprints every name brimming inside the yellow eyes.
Frozen lake knows the river cannot swim,
Withholds the fullest bounty of the sun,
Waits in memory of warmer nights,
Hanging on a cloudy sliver of silver thread—
Only as you back away to distance
Do you see the fuller cloth.


One thought on “Wolf Moon

  1. Conjectures lovely, chilly images that make you want to dive under piles of covers or wrap in a lovely furry robe. Except that our wolf moon rose at 70 degrees today. Crazy Cali winters.

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