Do Not Learn What I Teach

No one else can hope to learn
What I have learned….
Not unless you live my life.
Do not study what I have to teach.
Observe your own life.
See through your own eyes.
Walk upon your own street.
You will never become anyone else.
Whatever world now comes to me
Is different than your own….
There are no rules, no creeds
As absolute as God.
What does your body say?
What omens come your way?
What dreams now speak?
What thoughts, desires, feelings
Are your wealth and blessing?
There may be some things
You will never learn.
So what?
Study only
Your own domain
Which is as wide as Universe.
Control no one else.
Awake and transform yourself.
Don’t waste your life
Living someone else’s dream.
Love yourself,
Then give that love away.
Within the depths of your own Being
Lives an infinite Good.
Allow this Light to illuminate your seeing.
Do not wear the garment of a naked star,
But live your own joy and sorrow.
Listen to the silent music your spirit seeks.
Live within your school.
Be skeptical.  Use your mind.
The world has many hidden meanings
That the spirit seeks to learn.
Accept nothing on faith.
Be extremely courteous;
Honor all who come your way,
But do not hope or expect
To become like them.
Above all, be conscious of the prison
That restricts you to your smallest self.
Free yourself from illusion
Of separation from the Whole.
Widen your circle of compassion
To everyone, including you….
Learn the many things
That walk into your life.
Open windows wide….
Follow whatever road
Rises from the rapture of
Your secret sighs….
All Nature sings in harmony,
Sweet music of deepest longing….
Listen to the prelude
That swells from sky to sky.
Do not fall sleep.  Do not blink an eye.
Awareness is the key.
The task to know your larger Self— to Be.
A library of books is open
If you learn to read the words.


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