The Long Relinguishing

Standing here among at least a thousand faces,
New voices at beginning of another year
Hovering all around, vast number of days in
Hallway of white, voluminous clouds,
Eyes surround, overflow with love
Still waiting to be fully lived….
I’ve ventured through tight vortex,
A sudden darkness—Nothing at all….
Though it troubled me to see the stars
Cancelled within the canopy and black pall.
Quite unexpectedly— is there any other way?—
Shimmering forms stood within bright light….
Infinity was but yet another season,
Waiting as dreams wait for dreamer’s sleep.
Here there is no end to stillness,
No setting of the sun, no dawn—
Only constant wind blowing through the trees
Where murmuring praise disturbs the air.
Soon will come the long relinquishing—
Pools of tranquil, blue water….
A silent land filled with music,
Where there is no sleep, no death forevermore.


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