Living Every Day of the Year

To live fully to end of year is to be
Conscious of the nuances of
Yellow light spilling on the road….
Turns slowly blood red…
Ways the pain of purple pales to gray,
Fading sunset sadly gives attention to
Light dying in your eyes.
To live fully in each day is to be
Conscious of the immaculate shades
Blue within the running river,
Flooding lake and ocean’s depth….
Cleaning joy that washes shadows,
Disappearing footprint in the daily tide,
Surging, worrying into Earth.
To live fully every day is to be
Conscious of landscapes we create,
Patterns white within the fleeting clouds,
Shimmering golden aura in clear air,
Rising, living, dying in the hallowed space.
To live fully every single evening is to
Question every phase of Moon,
Wait in silence for answer as the owl,
Eyes unblinking, neck turning,
Listening for the faithful pain that glides
Submerged from marsh looking
For acceptance within the conscious eye.
When fields are hushed and dreams
Distinguish channels in the creeping fog….
Everyone is one with ageless past,
Year passing into year as slow as snail,
Treacherous, but alive and lithe,
Living every day in quiet breath.


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