Two That Once Were One

At times I sense the loss of wholeness,
When something that once was unified now
Split in two— a loss that breaks the heart.
What power has cleaved what once was joined?
What force pulled the two apart?
Explore the gap that separates….
Sail into the space; touch each shore….
How wide the distance that divides?
How many years have passed from break?
Which one suffers most?
What would be gained and what be lost
If both returned as one today?
How strong the urge that pulls apart?
What pain is visible, what pain denied
As the two live on apart?
What strength or beauty gained in separation?
Eons ago, all continents were joined as one.
There were no island separations….
No need for bell to slowly toll,
Mourning of the loss.
Still, the wholeness of the Sun
Looks down and daily
Holds the two in one prayer,
Contemplates one Earth where all is whole.


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