In Liquid Silence, Become the Sea

Leave behind all contained
Deep within the hidden well…
Don’t go back to sleep.
Swim until your words are left behind,
Outdistanced as you reach the ocean deep.
Unfold the fog, look deeply
Out onto the speechless sea
Past horizon where the sun
Colors world through constant love,
Moving west to push the dark.
Don’t set sail upon the surface,
Buffeted by gathering wind….
Descend to ocean floor,
Let go the shell of pain you carry on your back;
Open hand and lungs to pure
Measure of yourself at sea.
Do not try to understand the wind,
Nor estimate depth of sea with only cup.
Dive deep for precious pearl.
Don’t return to islands of regret or grief….
In liquid silence, become the sea.


One thought on “In Liquid Silence, Become the Sea

  1. This is a marvelous poem Fred…it really reaches into my own need and expresses so beautifully the experience of “allowing”… we are all ocean…and back into that state is where we can let go of all those things that cause pain , or have become barriers to free thinking .

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