December Sunrise

In early morning, I watch the birth
Of rising Sun across the lake—
In December’s cold and feeble light,
It is a place I will not walk.
Trees entirely bare along the shore,
All is free of care in solitude and shadows….
Soon the snow will come—
White with prosperity of poverty….
White with chilling pain of heart.
Warm and resolute within my house,
Watching winter sun sink early in the afternoon—
Two weeks from solstice, the darkest time
When Earth’s diurnal journey stops and turns.
Upon the calm and quiet scene,
Covered with memories of what had been,
Brooding over expanse of water,
Birds will sense the shift of light and sing—
Warbling in promises of what is yet to come.
For now, I ponder winter’s silent fate—
In soundless sympathy,
Anticipate dejection of the Sun
Sinking faster, until as if
Saved by some peculiar grace—
On the very day when darkness
Admonishes all human strength,
It sheds its melancholy cloak,
Gathers itself and gives more light.
There are wordless prayers employed as
Earth moves as one, balance shifting,
Invisible constraint of massive power
Orbits toward yet another year—
The time precise— down to the second
Predicted, known, foreseen….
This turning of oceans, mountains, continents—
Power unseen yet mighty as it stirs the scene.
Perhaps this winter solstice I’ll hear the groan,
Sense the tension in the sphere when it halts,
Pauses to tremble, sigh, then changes course.
Already I feel the weight gathering upon the frame,
Pray the coming of that glorious day
When the whole body meets, as in a dream,
Obeys some solemn duty and
Without a word that Man can hear
Renews its course and turns.


One thought on “December Sunrise

  1. I liked that, Fred. This is one of my favorite times of year as I love the early dark (I am in the minority). But for me it is a cozy time… late afternoon dusk, a fire, and a glass of wine.

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