It is Time. It is Time….

I held an autumn leaf in hands,
Watched it slowly turn to brown—
Seized by darker truth
I shuddered to understand.
It is time….  It is time.
Standing by the window,
I watch the street, removed—
Beating heart a stone that knows
Autumn leaf once lived
Yet now is gone to brown.
Is there room for sleep
When dark words express
Such truth as known on airless Moon?
On the chest sits a conch shell…
Once the living house for life,
Now a beautiful reminder that nothing lasts—
Like yesterday’s flower,
Like first love….
I stand before the mirror.
All I see is passing.
It is time.  It is time,
Slipping out of hands—
Green September leaf
Turns to red October,
Turns to brown November,
Crumbles into December dust…..


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