As I Prayed, He Lied

I did not speak a single word,
Because words make you accountable,
Make you more visible even in the gloom….
From corner of the midnight window
Saw my eyes turn away from doom—
Grim the countenance upon my face,
Shared shadows in the misty airs of space,
Weight of bodies had worth of waste.
Death said he would not approach the light.
He made promises as I fell upon my knees to pray.
Death lied.
He turned and returned to take….
Without a sound he came and left,
Disappeared in Nothingness at edge of night,
Leaving only absence in his wake—
Lifeless bodies heavy,
Though in the end, it meant nothing….
Ashes at the wake of dawn.
Now I pray in this darkling hour
That prayer is more than Death’s silent power.
When in midst of looming shadows,
Dark lightening strikes….
Bear us through storm and thorns keep sharp
Lasting hunger for clear sight of path
By Time’s grace bring to soothing sleep at last.


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