Reading the Runes

Today I forget the rules.
Instead I study runes,
Weathered stones give rough key,
Unravel diaphanous sky that’s blue,
White clouds snaking on their course.
I have waited all of my life for this.
The weight might be revealing,
Invoking mystery of
Whatever ancient gods remain—
Given elusive threads,
Given brambles of our lives,
Given twinkle of the stars….
Bring your soft-hearted stone.
Show the world what is carved upon
Smooth face and crevice….
And I will show you mine—
Pile upon pile the balanced cairn
Marking the pain, the dead, the cares.
We’ll celebrate with glass of wine,
Run naked across the lawn,
Dance upon the grass in full moonlight
 Until answer circles from
Standing stones to fire within.


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