Ears Made Sharp by Wounds of Grief

I walked outside with Spirit,
Headed for the woods,
Walked upon the fallen leaves
Reminding me of grief.
Has God blessed you
With a melancholy soul
Touched by sorrow such as mine?
If so,  you walk the silent woods
Hearing heavy dirge divine.
Today we  walk a solitary path,
Plain as oboe’s cry and all alone,
Yet sometimes sense a shimmer  in the field….
Another presence no longer breathing,
Still walking on shadowed ground.
They bring a sacred calling
That sings and echoes in the  ear,
Pierced sharp by God, attuned to
Spirits walking faded through shadowed  world.
Come sing with me resplendent requiem,
A silent chant attended by
Grand music of the Sun….
Bringing light to darkest grief
Accompanied by quiet melody of deeper joy
Traveling from tree to tree,
From blade of grass to every hill,
Each lake and yellow field.

There is an eternal star
Unbent by gravity or grief,
That shines through day and night—
Whatever wounds you carry,
I pray you find a brighter healing….
Strength of faith as pure as scented pine,
Master’s words as real as Earth,
Loving heart with taste of mystic fruit.


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