As I walked into sanctuary,
Lessons and carols began.
Friends made room on pew;
Choir moved into place,
Processed while singing hymns.

A solitary man sat alone behind in
Higher choir loft, robed in light,
Leaning forward, yet unhurried,
Calm and very still.

His strange eyes stared
Unblinking, straight ahead,
Jaw thrust up, neck taut—
Holding still as though
Anticipating something
About to happen.

Suddenly he stood
As though he heard
Inaudible whisper….
Broke into smile as though
He had great news—
Yet still alone,
Leaning into open space.

Only then did I realize
He was blind….
Waiting there where he needed to be,
Perhaps where he often waited—
Listening for the sound of readiness,
His ears attuned to sense a silent call.

Anticipating with his Wholeness
Slight movement… a holy stirring from
Some sacred place….
Leaning into Advent space,
Gathered into God’s people,
Poised and ready—- waiting….
Then finally moved to joy.


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