Dark Roads

Only in the passing of many years,
As one watches era of darkness emerge,
Reveal itself in soulful definition….
There comes a loneliness that has no words—
Pervasive silence that grows closer,
Makes introduction to intimacy of sorrow….
Do you walk deserted lanes on moonless nights?
Search in open meadows when
Shadows lengthen on back roads?
Do you witness this remote isle of Earth,
Breathe untimely void where love still occupies the heart?
Then you have learned of wordless prayer and
Know futility of hope when you face dark hours alone.
Let me see on this absolute Earth
Recursion of the friends I miss—
Release my sorrow in the cloak of empty hands….
Only sound of footstep is all I ask.
Speak in the frozen silent season,
Give voice to falling stars and swirling clouds,
Now filled with senseless silhouette….

Come to me, walk with me;
Fly as a bird out of bramble bush,
Speak through mist and wind…. permit
Branches of the tree to wave arms–
Swim through the Deep in long, lonely hours.


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