The Veil Between the Worlds Is Thin

In the early autumn morning,
Mist swirling among the hills
As I walk around the quiet lake,
Water clear and cold, with only a trace of
Thin veil between the worlds where
Visible and invisible embrace.
Have you looked deeply upon the world
Not just with two eyes in your head,
But from the inward soul?
Have you walked beyond the ego’s curiosity
To the place where you behold
Beauty wherever you gaze….
The world ablaze, soft eyes
Taking in the flight of a solitary bird,
Herd of deer gazing back at you,
Insects crawling through the grass,
Red bush still blushing brightly
With a fire that warms but never burns the flesh.
Wordless knowing begins to surface
As fish rises in the lake and I pause,
Watch, open, absorb, surrender to this
Extraordinary moment of an ordinary day.
Resting inside this sacred time ….
Soul space opens, carried by the loveliness,
Whispered glory moving through the world.
I was present when my daughters took first breath,
Held my father in my arms as he took his last….
Each moment blessed with radiance that was luminescent.
So many beings cry out…. the Earth itself groans,
 Yearns to speak, not of religious doctrine,
But to bless with loving presence.
The reality humbles me and yet exalts.
Have you paused and felt the blessing?


One thought on “The Veil Between the Worlds Is Thin

  1. I read so many poems by you Fred…but am seldom so personally touched by one, as I am by this…It is so full of awe and wonder, of gratitude and love…it is full of quiet joy and reflection of the abundance of grace, love and beauty that we are blessed by in the holiness of creation. …Thank you for it!

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