Goodbye to Fall

 Yesterday the trees were splendid,
Wearing reds and yellows before their fall.
Still waters reflected twice their beauty.
Today, I watch a heavy snow
Cover red leaves of the maple,
Smoother all the shades of yellow on the elms.
There is the chill of thunder in the air.
Fall dies and winter arrives so quietly,
Except within the heart—
I do not want to say goodbye so quickly
To brilliant color on the hills.
I am not yet ready to welcome winter
White that bends the branches,
Freezes limbs that crack my trees,
Weight of snow more than they can bear.
Why does “goodbye” sometimes
Appear unwelcome anyway?
No warning, no sound of footsteps
As wind comes so silently at first,
Then takes my power away,
Leaving me in darkness….


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