I am a poet holding a pen.
I am a pen writing on paper.
I am a womb, ready to give birth.
I am a butterfly emerging from cocoon with fluttering wings.
I am an ocean with starfish on shore.
I am a bank of clouds ready to rain.
I am a desert, waiting, thirsty for rain.
I am a salmon swimming swiftly upstream.
I am a tall tree deeply rooted in soil.
I am a worm, tilling soil beneath the tree.
I am an empty cathedral with stained glass windows.
I am a white marble altar in the cathedral.
I am a gold chalice on the altar, filled to the brim.
I am a stone pillar, holding up the vaulted roof.
I am a hundred empty pews, waiting for people.
I am a white bone holding muscle in place.
I am a lung, pausing between each breath.
I am a heart steadily pumping red blood.
I am naked awareness poised within head.
I am a dream, while I am sleeping in bed.
I am a word forming in the poet’s mind.
I am a song the poet hears as he writes the poem.
I am the music back behind the song.
I am the rhythm making melody strong.
I am the tongue that helps the poet sing.
I am the silence that allows for deep thought.
I am the void filling the cosmos.
I am the calm within the dark storm.
I am the tear running down the cheek.
I am the wild thought, passing and gone.
I am a billion neurons flashing in the brain.
I am rays of light allowing the poet to see.
I am feet that move to dance.
I am love that allows grace to advance.
I am the Beloved visible within blind eyes.
I am a closed book, waiting to be read.
I am a continent slowing shifting by inch.
I am the Earth orbiting round.
I am the Sun shining brightly in sky.
I am the reliquary for the collective soul.
I am alone, sitting in the pew.
I am the bishop sitting on his throne.
I am the flame on every candle that blazes.
I am the prayer which inhabits the space.
I am the cathedral completely at peace.


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