October is the Time to Remember

As much or more than any other month,
October forces me to remember
That every life confronts eventual reckoning.
Just as trees lose leaves in fading light,
All my efforts stir the Earth,
Fall to ground, decay, enrich,
Work to mend whatever wound
 So growth be served next year.
Change advances within my very bones.
Everything I am is part of Earth—
 Beautiful, spinning sphere that alternates
From light to dark and back to light,
Helps resign the impudence of mighty will,
Until my mind lets go to contemplate
Greater wideness of infinity.
October is not the dead of winter.
It is time to harvest and be grateful—
Soon darkness comes, when brilliant color is done,
Slowly falling in an asking light.
Teach me what it is to serve,
That I may delight
Without fully knowing
All that is yet to come.


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