When Spirits Linger

I walked the dog late last night
Under waning full moon light,
An eerie mist hung heavy
In the mystifying, starless sky.
The lake’s receding shore
Weaved its way between the hills.
A silken shimmer moved and
Stopped to glimmer among
Black shadow of the trees,
Gave an enchanted sense
As though I had
Stumbled onto another world.
Long after I got home
I felt spirits linger,
Travel up and down my spine….
A cry of distant coyote
Crept upon the mountain slope,
Exact location hidden
Among a thousand secrets,
Kept vague and imprecise.

The striking of the clock
Marked hour of midnight,
Gave imagined summons
To the dog’s escaping sigh.
Have you seen a face or
Heard a cry or voice
Late on a misty October night?
Do you believe in omens?
Or merely serendipity to
Bring out of dark an epiphany—
An insight, a single clear thought, a vision
Quivering in the shadows of the mind….


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