Watching You Pass….

  If I were but a lad,
On a summer day like this
I’d climb high in the highest tree,
Sit silently out upon a branch and
Smile as I watched you pass….
Far below, so far below
You could not hear me breathe,
Though breath be fast
Watching you hasten down the path.
I would feel the cool breeze blowing
Lightly as wind across my face,
Broad oak allowing light and shade,
To come and to go, sway as I count your steps,
Ponder where you go, how long you’d stay,
How deep or brief the absence,
Watching from a distance as you cross a stream.
It is but a dream, this wish to be a lad again,
For I am far past climbing trees,
Too wise I hope to watch you pass
While I say nothing as you ford the stream.
Whatever green the days still hold for me,
Let’s hold hands and walk together in the sun,
Cross the river two by two,
Wade the shadowed waters,
The immortal waters of the river  
Before we turn, go home
To drink our tea.


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