Building Fire Within the Heart

If I could build a fire within my heart
By dabbing kerosene upon my chest,
Rub it hard, then strike a match,
Feel the burn begin to spread
Within the body of my soul,
Spin my feet in dance upon the floor,
I’d do it now in search of love.
But sometimes love cannot be hurried,
Cannot be started with oil as fuel—
Starts first as slow earnest glow
As love of self—not the selfish kind,
But compassion for the teaching,
For years of roads that bring this rising day
To bear my bones alive to live,
Grateful for each breath today…..
Awareness of such love and grace,
Unlaced does burn in mighty fire
Within the breast that shows,
Wildfire spreads to neighbors
Wherever they be found….
First unlock the heart, then ignite
A fire that will change the way you walk,
The words that flow from mouth,
The glow from eyes in darkest space,
A song of love the sweetest cream
Your tongue will ever taste.


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