Yellow Sky

Yesterday, I read about the drones
Stationed on green tropical isles,
No longer kept secret from a public
Who no longer cares about the war,
As long it’s kept at a certain distance.

I am grateful that our soldiers,
Boredom exploding in their lives,
Can push buttons, watch drones
Take off toward Yemen, Somalia,
Targeting those who got us into this mess,
Forcing us to war and war and war
Until we forget to argue with ourselves,
The cost diminished— collateral damage
No more concern than roadkill.

Progress has been made.  No longer
Do we bomb with yellow poison gas,
Nuclear bombs burning yellow flesh,
Personnel weapons designed to wound
But not kill too fast, not until the organs rot.
No longer is the agent orange….
We have Kissinger and Rumsfeld to thank,
And I am truly grateful it’s all invisible.

I don’t want to believe that much.
Some things should be kept secret,
Lest the desperate metal roil my sleep,
Turn my dreams to red or yellow flames,
Stench of putrid, burning flesh….
So I don’t stare or care that much,
As long as it’s over there.

There is a yellow glow in evening light tonight.
As wind dies down, I see the beauty of
Shadows gather within the passing clouds,
Shape of fears, unhinged like jaws of death.
But this is of no consequence, like moving parts that
Lie between distant mountains
Of a distant continent.  I am content tonight.
My life drones on.  I will not waste my time
On smaller folks, whose skin is glowing yellow,
Burning between the mountains of a distant land.


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